Manu Arya

Co-Founder & MD,

Noisiv Consulting

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Noisiv Consulting

Noisiv has turned many startups into recognized brands. Building a product from scratch to marketing it online – We help with everything. Some of our key services that have been internationally recognized – Mobile App Development, Website Development, UI and Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Performance Marketing. Visit our website to learn about all services provided by Noisiv.

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Oneqid Technologies Private Limited

QID uses AI to magically store, manage and share government and private IDs. It helps businesses save time, hassles, and most importantly – paperwork to validate IDs and promote an ecofriendly green technology.

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Videtorrium India

Videtorrium India offers corporate training on in-demand jobs, combining technology with human intervention to help students from Tier 2-3 colleges compete with those from top-tier universities. This approach has resulted in a high rate of success and allows students to be highly sought after by companies.

Black Studio

Black Studio is a design agency that crafts impactful brand identities across diverse design areas. With a keen focus on helping brands establish a distinctive presence, Black Studio seamlessly integrates creativity and functionality to deliver visually stunning and memorable experiences.