How We Do?

This isn't a rocket science, this is an in-house formula that has helped us grow
as we grew the business for our partners

NOISIV Approach


We start with listening to your problem


We observe what your competitors do


We identify the gap and mix it with your USP


We create a razor-sharp strategy along with a "Plan B"


We put our Strategy to work and test it live


We are no God, if the strategy fails - We jump onto Plan B.

About Noisiv

Noisiv Consulting is a brand owned by KSM Cognitive Works Pvt Ltd.
Recogized by Ministry of Corporate Affairs as an MSME, Noisiv Consulting aims to work on the value of Trust, before anything else.

Vision: To become a leading brand name in the world of product development and online branding services.

Mission: To deliver our clients the best possible products and services that will provide an exceptional user experience for their customers.

“Noisiv will grow as we help our clients grow”

Practice what you Preach - We first removed the Noise from our own organization, worked on the problems that we faced as a Startup and combining together the experience of our company's success and failures along with the energy of our young and talented team, we have been able to deliver what we have commited to our partners.

Want to know more About us? Let our work tell you the rest.

Drop a note here or visit the website of all partners to evaluate our work.
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A word from our Founders ​

Our Founders' message to the developers of this site

Noisiv website shouldn't be a 10 page - 1000 words demonstration of exaggeration.
Keep our site REAL. SIMPLE. CONSICE. by removing all additional noise
that most of the site visitors are
never going to read.
We are here to make an impact with work - not with words!

Saurav K Mitra (KSM)

Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director